Thursday, May 31, 2012


Here are some of my favorite stash builders...

I love the fabrics from Amy Butler's Lotus Collection.

From left to right ... Wall Flower in Cherry; Full Moon Polka Dot in Lime, Tangerine, Slate and Cherry.  I am out of Wall Flower in Sky and need to reorder.

These fabrics are so fun and add great texture and personality to your project.

I am in love with almost any fabric by Lizzy House.  These are Pearl Bracelet in red and yellow from the Outfoxed collection by Andover.  I have green and turquoise (from the Hello Pilgrim collection) on my shopping list.

These are Boho Chevron in orange and eggplant by Annette Tatum for Free Spirit.  Berry and sea blue are on my list as well.

I used sea blue to make my little pin cushion.  

I love chevron prints and can't get enough of them.  There are so many out there to choose from.  Riley Blake has a new line of small, medium, and large that will be available in July or August.

Small Chevron Rainbow is probably my favorite of them all.

As you can guess, my list is getting pretty long!  You can never have enough fabric, right?


  1. All of the fabric is great, but I am absolutely crazy about polka dots and circles right now.

  2. Great choices! I love the Lotus collection too. I started a dress awhile back using some of those prints, and I need to finish it!

  3. I wasn't a big fan at first for these fabrics, but seeing them on blogs and here, they are really growing on me?

  4. I love all those spots and dots!

  5. I love your little pin cushion - and I'm with you, I love the small rainbow chevron!!

  6. I love all the bright colors

  7. Such pretty fabrics. I love your little pincushion. I love the little white crock you put it in... keeps it from rolling away. Great idea!

  8. Thank you! I love geometric fabrics, thus the dots, stripes, chevron, are all in the mix. I can't get enough of them and I can't pick a favorite!

  9. Love these fabrics!! Course I just love fabric too, I think my list would be huge...


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