Saturday, May 12, 2012

I Spy Quilt is Back in Business!

 The I Spy quilt is pieced and the top is complete...

My son is so excited about this quilt.  He can't wait for me to finish it.  He likes to play I Spy whenever I am working on it.

Time to start work on the backing.  I am going to add more fun fabrics on the back in 5" squares to give more options when playing the game.

Here is a sneak peak at the back.  This is a fun design that I found at Ikea.  When I started this quilt, I knew this is what I wanted to use for the back.  I wish it was that way with all my quilts.  Normally I angst over the backing and the binding for days before I make a decision.  For me, that is the hardest part of making a quilt.  How about you?  What part of the quilt making process makes you anxious?

Have a great weekend!


  1. The hardest part of the process for me is the "quilting" the quilt. Since I do all my quilting on my regular sewing machine, I struggle over the design. Even though most of the time I do straight stitch quilting, I still have to work out a method, i.e. cross hatching, shadowing prints, in the ditch, etc.

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  3. I love the fabric in your border. It really sets off the triangles. No wonder your son can't wait for you to finish it. What a fun idea for an I Spy quilt. Now, for your question. The hardest part of the quilt-making process for me is figuring out how to make the necessary adjustments when my sewing isn't exact. It happens to me all the time. In my head, I am a great sewer, in reality, not always so good.

  4. ITS SO CRAZY! That is all. :)

  5. So fun! That's going to be just a great quilt when it is done. I fret over how to quilt the quilt. I guess I'm afraid I'll hate it part way through and have to pick it out. So far, that hasn't happened though.

  6. Love the quilt and I have been looking for that border fabric! Nice. I would say that I think about borders, border fabrics, or not more than anything.

  7. Love the cheerful colors and the layout:)


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