Monday, August 27, 2012

"Sew as You Go" Project

Who is in need of some stress free sewing?  This girl!  How about you?

I decided that I was in need of free and easy sewing after I finished my latest project.  I love projects that are worry free when it comes to color and fabric selection, design, or cutting and piecing precision.

I pulled out my scrap stash and started picking fabrics, making a mess and throwing fabric everywhere.  Now I am sure you are thinking, "Well... making a mess and having to pick it up isn't very stress free..." ,but this really isn't different from any other time that I sew.  My little one (1 yr. old) is a big helper and when I sew, she pulls fabric and spreads it out on the floor.

My initial plan was to make a couple trivets for the kitchen.  I first pulled the blues and greens, then I threw in the greys and by accident picked the pinks.  I accidentally dropped the one of the pink fabrics in the pile and lo and behold it looked great, so in with the pink!

For the second one, I first picked the red and white fabrics and blue and white fabrics.  Then I knew I needed more solid blues and reds.  I grabbed my piles and headed for the sewing machine!

I started grabbing fabrics and sewing them together as I went.  The wonky log cabin pattern is perfect for a "sew as you go" project.  No stress over what fabric goes where!  Don't you love it!  

Pick a fabric, sew it on, pick another fabric, sew it on, continuing until it is the size you want.  No seams to match up and with the wonky pattern, there is no need to worry about precise cutting or piecing.

I trimmed these to the finished size of a 12" square.  I am really happy with the result, but I don't know if I am going to use it in the kitchen.  

I quilted it by spiraling out from the center and following the wonky seams.  Easy and stress free!

I love how the green one turned out!  I love the lime chevron from Moda's Half Moon Modern collection.  It is so bright and colorful and it just pops out at you.

Same quilting pattern, but it is a little hard to see with the plaid backing.

The red and blue one matched my bathroom so well, that I think it is going to take up permanent residence there as a wall hanging.  The green one is probably going to be a wall hanging by my fabric stash.  I decided to use the green one as a place to set my iron and starch/water bottle.

This was such a fun project.  You should try it!

Happy Sewing!


  1. they are sweet little squares

  2. Both of them look great! I need to try doing more free-flow sewing like this.

  3. I love them! They are gorgeous. What a good idea to go back to sewing mode. I have to try it as soon as I finish my bee blocks :)

  4. They really are cute. I've been needing something to drain dry a glass or coffee cup on the kitchen counter. These would be perfect - off to my scrap stash! Thanks for the idea!

  5. How funny! I just framed something I sewed too! I'll share it this week (hopefully). I really need to try carefree sewing like this.

    How fun!

  6. Candace... glad you had some fun stress free sewing and shared the results with us! You inspire me so much! Thanks for offering todays blog post! Kathi

  7. Beautiful and so wonderful project!

  8. Love them! I used the same technique for hot pads--so much fun and yes, so relaxing!

  9. Those turned out fantastic!!!! You're so talented!

  10. They are adorable! What a great idea to place one in your bathroom. It matched perfectly! I think we can all use some stress free sewing! Thanks for posting!

  11. I am clearly behind in my blog reading! These are super cute. I love stress free sewing and in no time you have a finished project!!

  12. I love the pinwheel in the middle!

  13. Love how these turned out! Very tempting. Pinning this for a day i need an easy going project!

    Rachel @onceuponasewingmachine

  14. I think I might try this! I've not done a lot of QAG quilting. It sure looks relaxing!

  15. This is wonderful. I've talked to folks about this, but have never tried it myself. You've done a great job!!


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