Wednesday, November 14, 2012

For the Birds...

I am so excited about my next project!  I am making a tumbler quilt with all these fabrics....

You're probably thinking, "Candace, have you lost your mind?"  Yes, it is a lot of fabrics, but they will give the quilt a scrappy look.  I love all of these fabrics and am so excited to use them all together.  You can tell I tend to flock to bright and cheerful colors.

 If you look in the center of this picture you will see one of my favorite fabrics!  It is Denyse Schmidt's yellow Ribbon Flower and I am a little (ok, a lot) giddy to get to use it in this project.

I am also using a lot of my fabrics with little birds on them.  

Down on the Farm Chicken Wire by Robert Kaufman
Hexagons in grey and blue from the Quilt Blocks collection by Moda

To add to the bird theme, this chicken wire fabric is a favorite of mine and the blue and grey hexagon prints remind me of chicken wire.

Here is a glimpse of some of the hexagons.  I am so excited about this project, I want to squeal with delight!  Yes, I get a little carried away sometimes.  It happens.

Meet my newest pin cushion.  It is too cute and is the type that sharpens your pins.  My current pin cushion doesn't do that and all of my pins are starting to get really dull, which gave me an excuse to buy something new.

I would also like to add that this evening was such a pleasant and cozy one.  We are scheduled for a freeze tonight and have changed our routine accordingly.  We have been enjoying a big fire crackling in the fireplace, yummy beef stew for dinner (thanks to my handy crockpot), and watching old musicals on TV.  It was such a wonderful evening at home.  It all makes up for the cold weather, which I am not a fan of. 

On a side note, the pattern for my Reunion Quilt is now listed in my Etsy Shop and you can find it here - Double Stack Pattern.

Stay tuned for a tumbler update...

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  1. Hi! I envy your new projects - just so beautiful fabrics! I missed your last post and fortunately rolled down - fantastic solids!
    What your new birdie has inside to sharp your needles? x Teje

  2. Oh Candace its going to be a beauty! I have missed some of your posts you have been a busy girl!

  3. Oh, what bright happy fabrics! All those little birds scattered about will just be great. :)

  4. Love the tumbler idea. I have antique feed sacks that would look fabulous in this to decide what size tumbler? Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Another masterpiece in the making! So excited to see this one come along!!! I just finished a cross stitch project I had worked on... such a sense of accomplishment when you look at your completed projects ;) This one will be completed before you know it with those fun vibrant fabrics! Kathi

  6. Your birdie quilt will be the fabric choices! And I just bought your pattern! Yay!

  7. Love the fabrics you've chosen. It will be fun to watch this one come together. What's in your little pincushion that will make your pins sharp? Mine are getting dull, too. :-(

    1. I am not sure what is in it. I purchased it and there was no information about the stuffing. When I feel it, I can tell there is some type of little bead in it.

  8. Your fabric choices look fantastic. I love the Aneela Hoey fabrics too!

  9. Thank you for the lovely comments everyone!! You guys are so wonderful!

  10. Beautiful arrangement of fabrics! It's inspiring! (I've really got to get busy on my next quilt) Thanks for sharing!

  11. Candace I absolutely love all of those fabrics together. This one will be beautiful. Also adore your new pin cushion :)

  12. I can tell right now that I will absolutely LOVE this quilt.....fabulous fabrics and perfect pattern!

  13. With all those great fabrics it can only be a happy quilt. So looking forward to the next installment.


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