Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Hello Friends!  I am happy to share that the blog should be back to business as usual pretty soon.  We have found a house and should be moving in mid February.  I am back to serious sewing as soon as my fabric is unpacked!  I have been doing a little sewing here and there and will share it with you later.  

As soon as I move in to our new home, I am turning around and going to QuiltCon.  I am really excited to get to attend after all the craziness of the past couple of months.  The Modern Quilt Guild has a link party for attendees to help everyone get to know a little about each other before the event.  

For the link party we are supposed to share a picture and 5 things about ourselves.  This is my grandmother and I enjoying some much needed sewing time and watching Emma just after Christmas.  I will share more of my visit with my grandmother later.

5 things....

1.  I spent half of my childhood at my grandparent's house in northern Florida playing in the woods and ravines, swimming in creeks, and riding horses.  They lived way back in the country and you had to drive about 40 minutes of clay roads until you got to a paved road.  I spent the other half of my childhood at the beach.

2.  I love riding horses, but I went through a short period where I was too scared to ride.  The story is... as my family and I were coming back from a long ride, the horse I was riding bolted for home.  I was probably around 7 or 8 years old at the time.  When the horse got to the gate, he stopped suddenly and I basically did a summersault over his neck and landed in the sand at his feet.  The horse just walked around me.  I didn't have any injuries, just freaked out.  After that I did not want to get back on a horse, but my mom stressed the importance of getting back on.  She was right.  After a few months, I was back at it.  I still remember everything about that moment and especially that my mom was right there with me through the whole thing.  She kept her horse with mine and tried to help me stop my horse.  It's funny how little moments like that can stick with you and mean so much... yeah, yeah, I know I am getting off topic...

3.  I always say I love the beach so much because my mother walked on the beach almost everyday while she was pregnant with me.  

4.  I tend to be old fashioned.  I was very close to my great grandparents on both sides of the family.  They were a big influence on me growing up and it all stuck with me. 

5.  I love to garden.  My current backyard is not really conducive to having a large vegetable garden.  One of my first projects for the new house is to put in several large raised beds for vegetables and flowers.  I can't wait!

If you are attending QuiltCon you can link up here:

Happy sewing and for me... happy packing!


  1. Yay! I'm so happy to "see" you!! Have a wonderful time at QuiltCon!!

  2. I hear, from Leslie, you're moving my way and joining our local MQG!!! :) Looking forward to meeting you at one of our meetings...or maybe I'll see you at QC!


  3. Hi Candace, nice to read a bit about you before QuiltCon! I am jealous of your sewing time with your grandma, it looks like a lot of fun. I hope my grandchildren will sew with me one day! Oh, but a long, long time from now - my tot is only 4 years old. :-)


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