Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Back to the Birds...

Right before we found out we were moving from one state to another, I started this quilt.  I got as far as cutting the pieces out before my project was put on hold. 

You can view the original post here... For the Birds...

I was really excited about this quilt and sad that I was unable to complete it.  I chose some of my favorite colors and decided to use all my little bird prints.  

I have mentioned several times lately how crazy I am about half square triangles, but I am just as crazy about tumblers.

I kept telling myself that as soon as I found my little bag of tumblers, I was going to finish this quilt.  Almost everything was unpacked and I still could not find them.  I started to worry that they got left behind.  Then one day I opened a narrow box that had a painting in it and lo and behold in the bottom of the painting box, I found my little bag of tumblers, a bundle of fabric I purchased before we moved (finding it felt like Christmas), and several of my quilting rulers.

I was flabbergasted that they would randomly stuff all that into a wall hanging box, but there you go.  They also packed a bag of potatoes in with some of my dishes.  I am glad I unpacked that one pretty early instead of putting it in the attic!!

If you have any strange unpacking stories, please share!

I am so happy to finally tackle this project.  Stay tuned for more...



  1. Hi! I love your fabrics and I'm so happy you found them!!! I have never made thumble blocks, should do that! I wish that yellow polka dot was here, because I would love to use it today for the border I'm making... need to do some stash building. Sometimes I find things from strange places even how much I try to keep everything in right and logical place. x Teje

  2. Rotten potatoes for the WIN!

  3. Yay such a happy surprise, this is going to be beautiful! I'm also glad you found those potatoes...whoa!

  4. I am so glad you are back at blogging! Love your tumblers.

  5. This is going to be such a pretty quilt! We just got done moving too! This last week actually. I am missing my box of towels from the hall closet. How does that happen? It's like that one missing sock from the dryer...where does it go? There is not one thing left at the old house and from here to there, my box of towels got stuck in some vortex of moving mishaps. ;)
    Glad you found your little tumblers!! I just finished unpacking my sewing room and can't wait to get back in the sewing saddle! Good luck with everything!


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