Friday, July 5, 2013

Brief Tumbler Update...

Here is a brief tumbler update.  I have been busing sewing pieces together.

The last time I made a tumbler quilt (Tumblers Beach Bound - finished product) I set out all the pieces exactly where I wanted them, stacked them up and started sewing (click here for pictures of this).

This time I just started pulling pieces from a pile and matched fabrics that complimented each other.  Once I made it through all the pieces, I started over again with pairs and so on.

This picture makes me want to squeal with delight!  I love these colors and fabrics!!!

The yellow Ribbon Flower by Denyse Schmidt above is one of my favorite fabrics!

Stay tuned for more...

Happy Sewing!


  1. Looks so beautiful and happy! x Teje

  2. This is beautiful - so bright and cheerful!

  3. Love this... eally makes me feel it.

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  4. i love the mix of fabrics! a tumbler quilt is on my want to do list)

  5. Thank you ladies for the lovely comments!!

  6. I am squealing with delight, too! Those are my favorite colors and your fabrics are lovely. The yellow ribbon flowers is delicious. I have a little and will be sad when it is gone!!

  7. They look amazing. I love the colors and that below does pop as does the green's. Nice job can't wait to see what the final result will look like. Its a little bit of a teaser :-)

  8. I just love your colors! Wow, they are pretty! So cherry and so many prints. Guess I need to either make a quilt or start selling. Thank you. I love your blog!


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