Sunday, August 18, 2013

Reversible Table Runner Update

I wanted to share an update on the table runner and a few pictures of trimmed HST (half square triangles).  They are so pretty when they are all neat and trimmed and ready to go.  It's funny how once they are trimmed, the fabrics look even better than they did before starting the project.  How is that?

I prefer to use the quick HST method in which you draw a line down the middle of your squares, stitch 1/4" on either side, cut down the middle and voila! You have two completed half square triangle blocks.  Just a little pressing with a hot iron is required. 

These are so pretty that I had to share several pictures.   I couldn't choose just one.  I particularly like the fabric on top... Chinese Lanterns in Grass.  Amy Butler is crazy talented.  Her fabrics are amazing.

Here is a glimpse of the Christmas side and some cute scottie dogs...

I am currently working on a pattern for my reversible table runners and it should be available with the completion of this project, which will be very soon.

Here are two previous related posts with more information:

You can find the finished pattern to make your own table runner here on my Etsy shop.

I thought I would leave you with this picture of flowers.  I love bringing flowers in from the garden and these are decorations for a sweet little lady's birthday party.  They were too pretty not to share.

If any of you know what the purple flowers are, please tell me.  I purchased them on clearance and they were in poor shape.  I brought them home, separated them (there were 3 in a pot), and planted them and now they are thriving.  They are also great cut flowers.  In one night they drank almost all the water in the vase and they appear to still be growing.  Another flower that I know will do that is red clover.  These are gorgeous and they make a large beautiful clump of flowers in the garden.  So if you know what they are, please tell me, because I have to find more of these.  A very nice reader told me they are Angelonia and are often called Summer Snapdragons.  If you are looking for an annual that is heat and drought tolerant, these are for you!

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Went ahead and ordered Lark after your first post about this runner. :) Should arrive today.

    Those scotties are just adorable.

  2. Love the fabrics and the flowers. Curious if you can tell me what line of fabric the Scottie Dogs are from. My friend has one and I'd love to get some of the fabric for her.

  3. I love HST but hate trimming so I use a triangle buddy, idea from Bonnie Hunter, perfect squares and no trimming. I also bought some Thangles but have yet to try them out.

  4. For me I think they look prettier after trimming because all that trimming is done! You have some gorgeous fabrics in all of those.

  5. I love the scottie dogs and making a Christmas table runner reversible with non-Christmas fabrics on the reverse side makes the item sooo much more useful!

  6. This will be lovely with those pretty Lark fabrics!

  7. Sorry, I am not a flower Lady ;-), but I love your Pictures!

  8. Here from WIP! Your flowers are beautiful! Don't you just love HST?

  9. Love the Scottie dogs would love to know what fabric line that is too.

  10. Love your HSTs. I'm getting ready to use that same fabric collection for a hexie quilt. I have enough fabric for two quilts, so I'm now thinking the second might have to be HSTs. Love the Christmas side too!

  11. I love the HSTs, I'm excited to see them come together!

  12. Very pretty HST, the colors look so fresh with the white. I found you through WIP Wednesday, nice to meet you!


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