Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sturdy Fabric Basket Sewing

Fabric Basket

I completed this handy little basket today, which is a project I have had on my to do list for quite some time.  I found the tutorial on Janome's website/blog, Sew4home, which is stock full of free adorable sewing projects.  Every post is a new tutorial.

I found this website when I first bought my Janome Horizon.  I was looking for sewing tips and instructions to help me use my new machine and found Sew4home.  (This is not a paid or solicited advertisement, I just really love this site!)

The fabrics I chose for this project are:
Made with Love Tape Measure in Aqua by Moda - lightweight cotton duck
Snaps in Black from the Mama Said Sew collection by Sweetwater
Lock and Key Midnight from the Secret Garden collection by Sandi Henderson for Michael Miller

...and lace that I have had for a really long time.

fabric basket

The instructions call for using Pellon Peltex 71F to line the interior and exterior fabrics.  This stuff is hardcore.  It is awesome for providing structure and support to your project, but a pain to manipulate around a sewing machine needle.  They should include "requires a great deal of patience" to the label.

peltex 71F

Below are the exterior panels with the pockets added.  The instructions call for decor weight fabric for the interior and exterior fabrics.  I used regular quilting fabric for the pockets, so I added a lightweight (one side fusible) interfacing to give them a little stiffness.

Fabric basket sides

The tutorial instructs you to make two baskets, one for the outside and one for the inside lining.  The only adjustment that I would make next time is make the interior basket slightly smaller than the exterior basket.  The instructions direct you to make them the same size and it makes things a little difficult when putting the two together.

I would also suggest using a stiff lace.  I picked a delicate, stretchy lace that made it difficult to sew neatly to the edge of the basket.  It kept wanting to slip.  If you pick a stiff lace, it will be so much easier, but I couldn't help myself.  I chose pretty over convenience.

Fabric Basket in Sewing Room

This project is really easy, it just gets a little hairy at the very end when it comes to putting the two baskets together.  If you give this basket a try, just take your time, go slow, and if your machine has a needle down feature... use it.

That way you can sew a small section, stop, and the needle will keep your place while you maneuver your basket in place, sew another section, stop, maneuver some more... until you get all the way around the top of the basket.  It is quite a forearm workout.  I was building some muscles!

Fabric Basket with lace

This is a sturdy little basket with lots of pockets.  It is too cute to resist.  It's dimensions are 10" x 6" x 6" and it can hold a lot of stuff.  You can find the link for the basket tutorial here - Hello Kitty Sewing Basket and Pincushion.

Happy Sewing!


  1. This is awesome, it turned out beautifully and no one would ever suspect a tough time. I recently hand sewed Peltex 72F, which is just totally stupid.

  2. Lovely, mentally going through my fabrics to see what I can use to make this basket.

  3. I can honestly say this is my favorite thing I've seen you make!! You have awesome taste-the fabrics put together and that lace??!!!! I love it all!! I want to make one but I don't have high hopes in the patience arena! ;) seriously tho, this is so lovely!

  4. This is an awesome basket. I love the fabrics you used.

  5. This is on my to do list too. I love your fabric choices.

  6. Your basket is absolutely adorable. I love the fresh looking fabrics you used. Thanks for the link I'll be making some of these.

  7. Thanks for an inspiring blog post! I LOVE the fabrics you chose, especially the tape measure (haven't seen that one, but may track it down). I bookmarked the Janome site and downloaded the pattern.
    Nancy at PugMomQuilts!

  8. I love how structured it is. This wouldn't just have to live in a sewing room like some of them!

  9. This basket is adorable. I love having little baskets like this around to stash things that would otherwise make my home look cluttered!

  10. Cute basket! I always love your fabric choices and have all of these in my stash. You do such a great job combining your prints!

  11. I really like your fabric choices. Lovely basket and thanks for all the helpful hints

  12. Your basket turned out beautifully! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tape measure fabric. All of your fabric choices were perfect! I'm sure this basket will make you smile every time you see it.

  13. Love the fabrics you chose! It turned out great! Really cute basket, thanks for showing us.


  14. The basket looks great and I love your fabric choices! Thanks for the info. on Sew4Home, I hadn't seen it yet.

  15. Your basket is gorgeous! I love the choice of fabrics you used, very nice. Thanks for sharing that website also, I am headed there now.

  16. Hi! You have made totally adorable basket! So beautiful fabrics, too! x Teje

  17. Forearm muscle workout AND an adorable basket?? Sounds worth it to me!

    Thanks for linking up with Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  18. It turned out sew fabulous!!! Maybe it will be like labor, and you'll forget the pains someday...and make more. lol I love the fabrics you used, and that little label is just too sweet for words!

  19. What a cute basket. You have made some stunning quilts, I'm looking forward to working my way through your blog. Thanks for your lovely comments. Debbie xx

  20. That is really cute. I love lace on anything.

  21. Sew cute, Candace! When I first saw the photo, I thought that you had used a real measuring tape for the trim! That fabric is so adorable and I love the color.

  22. Oh, I really love that basket. The measuring tape trim is great. Have a great weekend.

  23. Very cute. Thank you for sharing the link to the tutorial. I have been looking for a fabric basket pattern for my new sewing room shelves and this is a great option.

    Seriously cute fabric choices, too!

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  25. Darling basket with the touch of lace! I will have to check out Janome's website! Thanks for sharing!

  26. Your fabric choices are so lovely !
    Thank you for sharing the link and your personal tips.
    Vising from "Sew Many Ways".

  27. Your basket is really adorable. I was in a basket swap recently and this would have been the perfect basket.


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