Friday, January 31, 2014

Economy Block and Scrap Update

Economy Blocks

I have been sewing away on my economy blocks and I have to share them with you.  When I am finished you are definitely going to get your fill of them.  I am making a large throw sized quilt and am going to need over 200 blocks.

economy blocks 5

These red, navy and green blocks are some of my favorites!  The top left with the green ribbon flower center is in my top 10.

economy blocks 6

Pinks and aquas... these colors make me so happy!  I love the plaid and the solids!  Mental note:  I need to make more blocks with solids.

Economy blocks 8

The green ribbon flower fabric by Denyse Schmidt is one of my all time favorite fabrics.  It is hard to use it, but I love it when I do.  I am never sure which way to go, use it and run out or save it for later and let it collect dust.  Oh, decisions!

economy blocks 7

How cute are these little chicks?!  The yellow stripe... another favorite fabric.  What can I say... I am a simple girl.

Economy Blocks

I have had a lot of fun playing with so many different fabrics and working with different combinations.  It has been a great exercise to force me to put fabrics together that I normally would not.  It has really pushed me out of my comfort zone, which is where I like to stay all the time.  I am really excited to see all of the blocks come together in one quilt!  

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Quick side note on saving scraps**

In my last post I asked for advice on the best way to save and organize scraps.  Thank you so much for all of your advice!!  There were a lot of great suggestions that I am thinking over and I will let you know when I figure out what I am going to do.

I haven't been very efficient when it comes to the scrap department and my pile keeps building.  With my current system, I just stick all scraps, no matter the size, in a divided storage container with three drawers.  One drawer for cool colors, one for warm, and the other for neutrals.  The problem is that I am not really using them.

Some are fabrics that I don't want to reuse, so why do I keep them?  Because I have a problem and can't throw anything away!  I need to work on that.  My system is off balance right now.  I spend more time saving and less time using the scraps.  I have spring fever and want to clean out all the clutter in my house, which includes my growing scrap pile.  I will get this figured out!  Thank you everyone for all the great ideas to get me started!!

Happy Sewing!


  1. I do love the green ribbon fabric too. Anything D.S. is okay by me.

  2. Soo pretty!! I know what you mean about throwing scraps out. On my last dress I made, I saved tons of random shaped small scraps and threw out the bigger ones. Uhhh, why? I totally dumpster dived (dove? Dumpster dove?) to pull the big ones back out. My scrap habit has no rhyme or reason. :P

  3. Oh wow. 200 blocks is a lot of piecing. I really enjoyed making these blocks. Your quilt will be so fabulous when finished. My scrap bins look a little better after using some in my blocks, but I still have lots : )

  4. Your blocks are adorable! The whole process must be so much fun, I have to get started on this project.

  5. These blocks are inspiring! I cannot wait to see more.

  6. Lovely blog, I really enjoyed my visit. I tend to save all scraps then go through them to sort into sizes. I love the fabric you're using.

    Peg x

  7. ...It has been a great exercise to force me to put fabrics together that I normally would not. ...

    i see these blocks all over the net and i love the look of them, i keep trying to talk myself out of another project but these are sooooo sweet. so if i look at it from the perspective of challenging myself and learning then i guess i should jump on the economy block bandwagon. lol

  8. Very pretty bright blocks! They are so pretty:)

  9. Gorgeous blocks! 200 would freak me out but I am sure it will be stunning and worth the time it needs. I have no clue what to do with scraps. I throw them in a box and they stay there for ages.

  10. These are fantastic!! That's a fun project you have going on there!

  11. LOve the blocks you have made so far, it's going to be such a pretty quilt.

  12. The more I see these economy blocks, the more I want to make some, but I must not start a new project until I finish what I have already started. I must not start a new project until I finish what I have already started. I must not start a new project until I finish what I have already started. (If I say it often enough, it will stick, right?)

  13. You have such cute fabrics in your blocks, Candace! I didn't jump in on the advice so will now....if you cut it up into strips and squares in predetermined sizes you will find yourself using it. Just do a little here and there as you are watching TV and before you know it, you'll have organized scraps. As you see a fabric that you know you don't want to put in a quilt, separate it out to be given away. Someone at your guild will think it is the Cat's Meow to see a baggie label FREE to Good Home!

  14. I think there are a couple of options.

    1. Save all the fabric you don't love or scraps that are too small to be useful and donate them to an organization that makes dog / cat beds for animal shelters. My LQS used to do this but I was just told on my last trip that they aren't taking any more after this. I need to find another place.

    2. Larger scraps / scrap bags can be destashed on etsy or instagram - but I would make sure they are of "usable" size. Something bigger than 2" x 2" or something. Maybe separated by "scraps" and "strings". And also by color.

  15. personally though, anything smaller than 5" on one side goes into a neatly folded pile in a bin. I pull it out and go through it before I cut anything for a new project because chances are I can get some usable pieces out of the scraps. (especially things that are small like economy blocks / mosaic blocks).


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