Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Starting a New Reversible Table Runner for Easter and 4th of July

Hello friends!  I have been working on a new project while I complete my economy blocks.  A reversible table runner with one side for Easter and the other for any patriotic holiday.  

Everything I am sharing with you now, I completed on Friday last week and planned to share it with you earlier.  However, I have somehow caught a nasty cold.  My kiddos and husband have been sick several times throughout the winter season and I guess it finally caught up with me.

So there has been no sewing happening around here once I completed both sides of the table runner.  I am also waaayyy behind on my house chores which I prefer to spread out over the week, but this time it looks like I am going to have to spend a couple of days to catch up.

For now I can share my progress with you.  The Easter side consists of fabrics that are good Easter colors.  I picked chevrons, several flowers, little birds and chicks, and I love the one towards the center that looks like chicken wire. 

I love the little chicks and the yellow ribbon flower by Denyse Schmidt.  The latter is probably my favorite print.  I wish she would release a whole collection of ribbon flowers in all different colors.  Just like Lizzy House did with her Pearl Bracelets.  That would be so wonderful!  A girl can dream right?

The second side is patriotic and for some reason my reds are looking more coral in these pictures.  The deeper reds are almost burgundy.  I tried to get the reds to show true, but the pictures did not want to cooperate.  I am hoping I will figure it out before I show you the completed table runner.

 I have made this table runner two other times and this version is a little different.  Usually on this side, the pattern creates a chevron print.  This time I arranged the colors to make the flag design, but the arrangement of triangles hasn't changed.  

Here are the other two that I have completed...
Side 1 - Halloween/Side 2 - Flea Market Fancy
Side 1 - Amy Butler's Lark/Side 2 - Christmas

I hope you have a wonderful week.  Hopefully I feel better soon and will have more to share with you in a couple of days.

Happy Sewing!

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  1. I really like your table runner for the seasons idea. That's how my PBComplete quilt started out, but then I decided to put everything together into a single quilt. I have several seasonal quilt ideas but I never get to them in time. I really need to start Christmas now!

  2. I love the Easter prints -- really cute!

  3. Beautiful! Such a great idea and I love how the Flea Market Fancy one is so bright and cheery.

  4. Genius girl! Can't wait to see it soon. :) Feel better! (And I agree on the ribbon flowers.)

  5. Great idea on the double=sided tablerunner, you clever girl. If you start a petition for the ribbon flowers, I will sign it!

  6. I just love those two pieces of fabric with the little chicks and the little birds! Sooo cute.

  7. I just love visiting your website
    Fabrics are great eye candy. Hope to hear more from you.

  8. Are you still out there somewhere in blogland? Or at least sewing land?


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