Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Starting a New Reversible Table Runner for Easter and 4th of July

Hello friends!  I have been working on a new project while I complete my economy blocks.  A reversible table runner with one side for Easter and the other for any patriotic holiday.  

Everything I am sharing with you now, I completed on Friday last week and planned to share it with you earlier.  However, I have somehow caught a nasty cold.  My kiddos and husband have been sick several times throughout the winter season and I guess it finally caught up with me.

So there has been no sewing happening around here once I completed both sides of the table runner.  I am also waaayyy behind on my house chores which I prefer to spread out over the week, but this time it looks like I am going to have to spend a couple of days to catch up.

For now I can share my progress with you.  The Easter side consists of fabrics that are good Easter colors.  I picked chevrons, several flowers, little birds and chicks, and I love the one towards the center that looks like chicken wire. 

I love the little chicks and the yellow ribbon flower by Denyse Schmidt.  The latter is probably my favorite print.  I wish she would release a whole collection of ribbon flowers in all different colors.  Just like Lizzy House did with her Pearl Bracelets.  That would be so wonderful!  A girl can dream right?

The second side is patriotic and for some reason my reds are looking more coral in these pictures.  The deeper reds are almost burgundy.  I tried to get the reds to show true, but the pictures did not want to cooperate.  I am hoping I will figure it out before I show you the completed table runner.

 I have made this table runner two other times and this version is a little different.  Usually on this side, the pattern creates a chevron print.  This time I arranged the colors to make the flag design, but the arrangement of triangles hasn't changed.  

Here are the other two that I have completed...
Side 1 - Halloween/Side 2 - Flea Market Fancy
Side 1 - Amy Butler's Lark/Side 2 - Christmas

I have listed a pattern for this reversible table runner in my Etsy shop if you would like to make one for your home or as a gift.  Here is the listing:  Reversible Table Runner.

Hopefully I feel better soon and will have more to share with you in a couple of days.

Happy Sewing!


  1. I really like your table runner for the seasons idea. That's how my PBComplete quilt started out, but then I decided to put everything together into a single quilt. I have several seasonal quilt ideas but I never get to them in time. I really need to start Christmas now!

  2. I love the Easter prints -- really cute!

  3. Beautiful! Such a great idea and I love how the Flea Market Fancy one is so bright and cheery.

  4. Genius girl! Can't wait to see it soon. :) Feel better! (And I agree on the ribbon flowers.)

  5. Great idea on the double=sided tablerunner, you clever girl. If you start a petition for the ribbon flowers, I will sign it!

  6. I just love those two pieces of fabric with the little chicks and the little birds! Sooo cute.

  7. I just love visiting your website
    Fabrics are great eye candy. Hope to hear more from you.

  8. Are you still out there somewhere in blogland? Or at least sewing land?

    1. Thank you for checking on me. This summer our family suffered a very sudden and painful loss. I have not been able to sew since. We are trying to take it one day at a time and I hope that I can get back to sewing soon. It is just too painful now. I do plan on coming back to the blog at some point, I am just not sure when.

    2. I'm so sorry about your loss. We lost my father-in-law this week. Knowing it's coming, or it happened suddenly, it doesn't matter. It's horrible. Big hugs to you.

    3. Thank you! I am sorry you are having to go through that. You are correct, expected or unexpected, it is all painful. Big hugs to you too.

  9. So sorry to hear this. Your blog is one of the first quilting blogs I discovered and enjoyed it very much. You take the time you need. I wish you strength and love during this difficult time.


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